“I started using drugs and drinking around the age of 14. From there it consumed my life. Social services stepped in and took custody of my son. At that point, I decided to honestly seek help. I attended a secular program and upon completion, I returned home. But shortly after returning home, I relapsed. I knew I was still missing something and that something I was missing was God. I contacted the mission after finding it online and I came to the mission in hope of a new future. I have been able to build a relationship with God that I’ve never had before and I have hope for my future. There’s so much more to life than drugs and alcohol, there’s so much more to the promises that God has to offer.”

“I spent years of my life in the grips of active addiction. I knew it wasn’t the right way to live but as I became a teenager and into my 20’s I just wanted to do what everyone else was doing. It took a toll on my entire life. I became completely enslaved to drugs and alcohol and that lasted for many years. I hurt my family and people that I loved the most, and I did things that I never thought I would do. I heard about the mission through my family who was supporters of the ministry. So after about a year of my parents trying to talk me into going, I finally agreed to go. I’ve learned that God loves me and He forgives me. The staff here is awesome and with their help, I’m finally learning how to live again.”

Savannah rehab center success story

a solid foundation for your future

“I was in 25 foster homes over the 13 years that I was in the foster care system. I didn’t like any of them, they were not my family. When I turned 19, I aged out of foster care and went back home to my family. I did well for about a year then I got mixed up with drugs and about a year after my drug use began, I burglarized a gas station, got caught, and went to jail. When I was released from jail, I went right back to doing the same thing that had brought me there. After about my fifth time to go to jail, I finally realized that something had to change, so I asked to go to rehab and I believe with my whole heart that God stepped in and began working on my behalf. In a million years I would never have thought that I would end up at a Christian discipleship program but the Lord had a different plan for me. When I came to Savannah MBTC I did not know Jesus but after a few short days, I realized that I needed to accept Him into my heart and life. I needed Jesus as my savior. I believe that God has a plan for my life. I am letting my past life go so a new life in Christ can begin.” -Jeremy F. 2020

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