Hope For The Desperate

for those willing to seek God for the answer to life's problems

The Program

Savannah MBTC is a long-term, no-cost, residential program for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. The program is 8-months long with life-changing results.

“Since I’ve been here and gotten saved I have seen God working in my life in the most amazing ways. He has given me peace, family restoration and even worked miracles with my legal situation.”

- Patrick M. 2018

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Break The Cycle

Many alcohol and drug recovery centers offer short-term, “quick fixes”, but most families soon discover that these fast programs are simply a revolving door. They help for a few days or weeks, and then the addict falls off the wagon and has to go right back in. It becomes a cycle of living in and out of rehab. The cycle destroys careers and relationships, offering no real hope. The truth is: addiction recovery takes a long time in a supportive environment.

“I cried out to God in my darkest hour with a sincere heart and asked him to help me. He heard those cries and opened up a door for me to come here to Savannah MBTC. I thank God for this place. It's saved my life and I couldn't be more grateful. ”

- Jesse S. 2018

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Our Mission

Savannah Mission Bible Training Center is a division of Mission Teens, Inc. A non-profit, non-denominational organization with a Christ-centered, residential program for people of all backgrounds with a history of alcohol and drug abuse or emotional problems.

It is our goal to direct people to the Lord Jesus Christ to find hope and a purpose for their lives and to make disciples of them as the word of God directs. What does the Bible say about addiction? The Bible clearly notes that addictions are a real problem people face and the Holy Spirit helps provide the power to overcome them and live life unfettered.

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Your Solution

Faith-based programs can address the many issues that lead people to alcohol and drug dependency that medical interventions alone may fail to solve. Religious ministries not only provide aid and support to those in need; they provide tangible, valuable resources that can help prevent and overcome substance abuse. Evidence shows that faith-based programs inspired by faith in a higher being significantly contribute to the prevention of and recovery from substance abuse. This study finds that 73% of substance abuse recovery programs include a spirituality-based element, the majority of which emphasize reliance on God or a higher power to stay sober.


Should you or someone you know need assistance please do not hesitate. Pick up the phone and ask to speak with our centers overseer to begin the application process.

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